Nordic Walking in Seefeld

for everyone

"Walking is the best medicine" Hippocrates was speaking the truth more than 2,400 years ago. Nordic walking is a genuine way to have an overall impact effect on the body and your health. Nordic walking has the best conditions for everyone - everyone can walk, no matter how old you are, no matter how fit you are, no matter how strong you are."Nordic walking" with poles is a form of full-body training.

Up to 90 % of your muscles are used, thereby strengthening and toning your leg, posterior, arm, shoulder, chest and torso muscles through Nordic walking. Nordic walking helps to reduce muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area. Reduces pressure on knee joints.Particular attention should be paid to the correct Nordic walking technique. A basic course for learning the correct walk using poles is therefore recommended.


Nordic Walking Arena in Seefeld

266 km running and Nordic walking routes
The "running & nordic walking arena" in the Olympic Region of Seefeld and the fresh mountain air at 1,200 m gets any athlete's heart racing. Nordic walking is suitable for those new to sport as well as aspiring athletes in a similar fashion.


It's never too late to get moving. Start now!

There is an extensive and perfectly signposted network of Nordic walking and running tracks across the entire Olympic region. 30 different routes totalling 266 km invite you to let off some steam and, most importantly, enjoy the incredible nature as the backdrop.

Whether you're novices or professionals - it'll be worth it; there are three varying levels of difficulty and entirely different route types such as interval routes, skill trails, regeneration and mountain running routes on offer.