All of the swimming lakes at a glance

The Wildsee: The lake was limited to only a few centuries of commercial use. It contributed, and continues to do so, to the beauty of the Seefeld plateau and today is a popular swimming lake with its two lakeside swimming areas.

The Möserer See: Around 15 minutes upstream from Mösern sits the small, up to 11 m deep Möserer See, at 1,292 m above sea level. Despite being located in a conservation area, swimming is permitted. It is one of the warmest swimming lakes in Tyrol. The nearby "Möserer Seestub'n" restaurant provides a place to rest.

Wildmoossee & Lottensee: Not far from the idyllic Möserer See on the Wildmoos plateau (1320 m), a popular local recreation area near to Seefeld, there's an interesting natural phenomenon to be found: Seeming to appear from nowhere, two lakes emerge from between green pastures, larch and birch trees: the Wildmoossee and Lottensee. This aperiodic (irregular) occuring "natural wonder" is most likely the product of an interaction between the water level in the subterranean karstic system following the spring rainfall and the snow melting.