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There's nothing more wonderful than being on holiday and, at the same time, being certain that your own body is missing some balsam.

According to medical studies, the body is directly stimulated at 1,200 m above sea level, increasing the number of red blood cells that are created. In doing so, old blood cells are eliminated and replaced with new ones. It is a “rejuvenating treatment” for the body as the new cells are able to provide more oxygen to the tissue.

Wellness after sport

After sport, you should treat your body to a bit of downtime and relax. This is best in the form of treatments in the beauty area of our partner hotel, Lärchenhof. Our guests from the Hotel zum Gourmet can make use of these and gain further benefits from relaxing. With body and facial treatments, you can then carry on with your activities with renewed energy and be able to fully enjoy your holiday. The sauna village with Finnish and bio-sauna, as well as the infra-red cabin, is a real blessing for exhausted bodies after some sport.

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Not only does sport make you feel better all round, it also makes you more powerful!

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